I have written some poetry in my time and have enjoyed composing it.  I haven’t done it in awhile so I may be a little rusty. Usually my poems center around themes from the bible and from the meaning of some words I have found there.  Tonight, However I will pick out a word from the dictionary and do a poem about it.  The word I chose is blue.


Blue describes the skies by day when the sun is out to play.                                                      Cornflowers grow in the fields below in hues of blue and grey.                                                  It also gives a mountain ridge its name as one travels through its trails.                                   When someones mood is down and out, blue is the term that prevails.                                    Blue colors my walls in the place where I live.                                                                              Its calming affects helps me focus and give,                                                                                to those in need of a wonderful way,                                                                                            to gain perspective for having a great day.                                                                                 So Blue is my favorite color as you can tell,                                                                                  Or do you think its just this poem that I’m trying to sell

Ha. The End.

Hues of Blue

Hues of Blue