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Dear Sir:

Serveral years ago I wrote my first book.  I had no prior experience but it was something I was drawn to do because I wanted to share my faith in that type of media.  Members of my church who had experience as Web Masters stepped up and did the necessary things to get me published through an online service.  I made the necessary financial sacrifices to complete the project and all the proceeds from the book sales went back into the church for the children’s ministry.  I learned many aspects of the writing experience including getting a tax id number, setting up book signings, registering my book with the Library of Congress.  Getting an ISBN number, learning the right questions to ask Agents and much much more.  It was, so I thought, another project completed.  It was time to move onto something else. But, eight years later, my heart drew me right back into writing yet another book.  Ideas for stories keep filling my head which will take me the rest of my lifetime to complete.  Each story has a faith based lesson for children  9-12 years of age.  It is my hope to learn much more about the business and to teach others who are interested in this field to fulfill their dreams as well.  It is my desire to learn from the best in this field and to establish a platform in which I can help others fulfill their dreams.  Thank you.


Mary M. West

Learning tools of the trade from the experts

Learning tools of the trade from the experts



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