Digging Deeper in the Image Editor

I am going to explore this more thoroughly.

The Daily Post

We recently covered some handy, quick fixes to better integrate images into your posts. There’s always more to learn, though — here are four additional tricks to consider. From resizing to adding borders, you get to display your images exactly the way you want.

Customize your image size

Looking for alternative ways to insert photos into your posts? Here are a few to consider.

Once you’ve added an image to your post, it’s fine-tuning time.

When you first selected the image, you chose between different standard sizes:

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.02.41 PM

But what if none of these sizes work for you? What if the image is either too small or too big, or makes the text break up in a way you’d like to avoid? Easy: create a custom-sized image!

In the Visual Editor, click on your photo, then on the pencil symbol. Welcome to the Image Details screen!

Look at the middle of the screen: when you open the…

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